Useful query to find out Oracle Licensing Option usage


Below SQL statement is useful to comply Oracle licensing. It also as a useful tools to check whether specific option has been used before it can be safely removed/deinstalled.

 Name                                      Null?    Type
 ----------------------------------------- -------- -----------------
 DBID                                      NOT NULL NUMBER
 NAME                                      NOT NULL VARCHAR2(64)
 VERSION                                   NOT NULL VARCHAR2(17)
 DETECTED_USAGES                           NOT NULL NUMBER
 TOTAL_SAMPLES                             NOT NULL NUMBER
 CURRENTLY_USED                                     VARCHAR2(5)
 FIRST_USAGE_DATE                                   DATE
 LAST_USAGE_DATE                                    DATE
 AUX_COUNT                                          NUMBER
 FEATURE_INFO                                       CLOB
 LAST_SAMPLE_DATE                                   DATE
 LAST_SAMPLE_PERIOD                                 NUMBER
 SAMPLE_INTERVAL                                    NUMBER
 DESCRIPTION                                        VARCHAR2(128)

SQL> select name,last_usage_date from dba_feature_usage_statistics where detected_usages>0 order by 1;

NAME                                                    LAST_USAG
------------------------------------------------------- ---------
Audit Options                                           23-SEP-09
Automatic Maintenance - Optimizer Statistics Gathering  23-SEP-09
Automatic Maintenance - SQL Tuning Advisor              23-SEP-09
Automatic Maintenance - Space Advisor                   23-SEP-09
Automatic Memory Tuning                                 23-SEP-09
Automatic SQL Tuning Advisor                            25-JUN-09
Automatic Segment Advisor                               25-JUN-09
Automatic Segment Space Management (system)             23-SEP-09
Automatic Segment Space Management (user)               23-SEP-09
Automatic Undo Management                               23-SEP-09
Automatic Workload Repository                           11-MAY-09
Backup BZIP2 Compression                                23-SEP-09
Character Set                                           23-SEP-09
Client Identifier                                       14-MAR-09
Dynamic SGA                                             22-MAR-09
EM Database Control                                     11-MAY-09
Extensibility                                           23-SEP-09
LOB                                                     23-SEP-09
Locally Managed Tablespaces (system)                    23-SEP-09
Locally Managed Tablespaces (user)                      23-SEP-09
Materialized Views (User)                               23-SEP-09
Object                                                  23-SEP-09
Oracle Managed Files                                    23-SEP-09
Parallel SQL DDL Execution                              14-MAR-09
Partitioning (system)                                   23-SEP-09
RMAN - Disk Backup                                      23-SEP-09
Recovery Area                                           23-SEP-09
Recovery Manager (RMAN)                                 23-SEP-09
Resource Manager                                        20-MAY-09
Restore Point                                           23-SEP-09
Segment Advisor                                         30-AUG-09
Server Parameter File                                   23-SEP-09
Services                                                23-SEP-09
XDB                                                     23-SEP-09

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