What is cloud computing?

Aspects and definition of the SaaS, PaaS, DaaS, IaaS platforms. What is cloud computing? Possibility of relying on a specialized provider for the management of one or more IT resources that, from that moment on, are provided via the Web through an outsourcing contract. All this, without the company having to bear the costs of purchasing licenses or machines to take advantage of services indispensable to the business. the supplier to maintain all the infrastructure necessary to manage and distribute the services based on the request (on demand) and with a pay per use formula. All with a subscription to Read More

Memory Resource Management for PDBs in Oracle Database 12c Rel.2 (12.2)

In the previous release there was no way to control the amount of memory used by an individual PDB. It could use up lots of memory and impact the performance of other PDBs in the same instance. Oracle Database 12c Rel.2 (12.2) allows to control the amount of memory used by a PDB. PDB Memory Parameters The following parameters can be set at the PDB level. DB_CACHE_SIZE : minimum buffer cache size for the PDB. SHARED_POOL_SIZE : minimum shared pool size for the PDB. PGA_AGGREGATE_LIMIT : maximum PGA size for the PDB. PGA_AGGREGATE_TARGET : target PGA size for the PDB. Read More

Oracle Public Cloud Services: IOT (parte 3)

My preceding articles discussed some general topics about Oracle Cloud Services. Well, cloud services are a great thing, I agree, but some of you could put the following question: “Is there any application or family of applications specifically suited to run in the cloud?” Perhaps there are many, but one of them is currently under the spot: Internet of Things or shortly IoT. INTERNET OF THINGS Acquire, manage and analyze data sent by a network of physical devices (from simple sensors to flyng drones) Data is used to monitor and control a geographically distributed service, but also to improve its Read More

Oracle Public Cloud Services. Security (part 2 of 3)

In my preceding article I tried to explain how companies and Oracle partners can take advantage of the Oracle Cloud and its different and powerful services. Have I missed something? Yes, SECURITY. All of the services belonging to the Oracle Cloud are offered as public (i.e. shared by multiple companies) or private (i.e. used by a single, large company). A public cloud is inherently unsafe, you know, but even a private one could open security holes if badly managed. Luckily, security is one of the major strengths of the Oracle Cloud proposal. First of all, any service must be accessed Read More