Problem affecting rman and redolog

  I have worked on a db  were a rman configured to make a backup every 2 hour that means every two hours we found in the alert.log ALTER SYSTEM ARCHIVE LOG and the db suddenly slows. The problem was the db has only 3 redolog. When the backup started rman forces the ALTER SYSTEM ARCHIVE LOG and oracle needs to find a free redolog. it switched the redolog and as soon it fill the new redolog the archive must finish. if not oracle does not have a free redolog to switch, forced it to wait ( the db seems Read More

Archive for the ‘DataGuard’ Category

DATAGUARD:Verifying synchronization between the primary and standby databases By using the following steps, you can control whether the standby database is synchronized with primary: 1. STANDBY DATABASE For the last archived sequence, use the following: SQL> SELECT MAX(SEQUENCE#) FROM V$ARCHIVED_LOG; MAX(SEQUENCE#) ————– 195 For the last applied sequence, use the following: SQL> SELECT MAX(SEQUENCE#) FROM V$ARCHIVED_LOG WHERE APPLIED=’YES’; MAX(SEQUENCE#) ————– 194 From the preceding two queries, we see that the latest sequence, 195, is being archived or written into the standby redo logfiles. There’s expected to be a lag of one sequence between archived and applied columns. 2. STATUS OF Read More