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Oracle Rdbms 12c: Unified Auditing

In Oracle there were many types of auditing for example: Standard auditing, Fine Grained Auditing, Privileged user access etc. You were required to enable or disable all of them individually and also each of them had their own location and format. Unified auditing is introduced to reduce all of these problems and also make the audit process more advantageous. Starting from 12c you can now use Unified Auditing to keep track of all audit data in a single audit trail. The unified auditing trail can have auditing data from following audit sources. Audit records (including SYS audit records) from unified audit Read More

Oracle 12c Rdbms: Desupported & Deprecated Features

Below is a list of some features desupported and deprecated since release Oracle Rdbms 12C  Single character SRVCTL command The Server Control Utility (SRVCTL) command line interface (CLI), used in earlier releases, starting with Oracle Database 12c is deprecated and may be desupported in a later release.  Catalog view The following views are deprecated in Oracle Database 12c: o ALL_SCHEDULER_CREDENTIALS view. o DBA_NETWORK_ACL_PRIVILEGES view. o DBA_NETWORK_ACLS view. o DBA_SCHEDULER_CREDENTIALS view. o USER_NETWORK_ACL_PRIVILEGES view. o USER_SCHEDULER_CREDENTIALS view. o V$OBJECT_USAGE view.  Stored Outlines They are still supported for backward compatibility. Oracle recommends that you use SQL plan management instead. Read More