ORACLE 12C: Dataguard Far Sync

Oracle Dataguard Far Sync instance is a new feature introduced in Oracle Database 12c, which simply works like a archive/redo repeater.. Far sync instance is something different than the Oracle Database instance, as its mission is accepting redo from the primary database and then shipping that redo to other members of the Oracle Data Guard configuration.. Far Sync instance is an instance without a database.. Although; it has controlfile, and capability to read from standby redolog files and write them into its local archive log files, Far Sync instance does not map any database file, in other words, does not Read More

ORACLE: GoldenGate vs DataGuard

Oracle MAA (Maximum Availability Architecture is Oracle’s best practices blueprint based on proven Oracle high availability technologies, expert recommendations and customer experiences. The goal of MAA is to achieve optimal high availability for Oracle customers at the lowest cost and complexity. RAC, DataGuard, Flashback, ASM, RMAN, GoldenGate are tools that are part of MAA architecture. The configuration of Oracle GoldenGate / Data Guard has the purpose of synchronizing data between two or more systems . The basic features of the two products may look similar but takes GoldenGate uses replication while dataguard not. Oracle Data Guard and GoldenGate involving at Read More