ORACLE: ora-00028

This message has been added with version Oracle 11g. This an error only informative signifying that a process has been killed by a privileged user. The intention of the message is to ensure that the report captures information about processes that come out unusually. The sample sentence of this error can be divided as follows: “unknown” , It means that the name of the process of Oracle (Shadow, background), it was not possible to determine; “ospid (#)”, this is the pid of the operating system of the process aborted; “as a result of”, This precedes the error message that is Read More

A simple way to run n-script sql in one command.

The following will help you launch even a great number of sql script assuming you are running oracle under a unix machine the script wants you give it the following instructions: dbuser, dbpassword, sid AND a list of the script.sql you want to launch. this script also stop and rollback on oracle error. ======= #!/bin/bash # the script asks you user pass and the db’s sid echo “user?” read user echo “pass?” read pass echo “sid?” read sid #or set the variables below #user=DBUSERHERE #pass=DBPASSWORDHERE #sid=DBSIDHERE cat

ORA-600 Lookup Error Categories (part 1c)

Internal Errors Categorised by mnemonic kpor  progint/opi support for streaming protocol used by replication kposc  progint/kpo support for scrollable cursors kpotc  progint/opi oracle side support functions for setting up trusted external procedure callbacks kpotx kpov  progint/kpo support for managing local and distributed transaction coordination. kpp2 kpp3  sqllang/parse kpp2 – parse routines for dimensions; kpp3 – parse support for create/alter/drop summary  statements kprb kprc  progint/rpi support for executing sql efficiently on the Oracle server side as well as for copying data types during rpi operations kptsc  progint/twotask callback functions provided to all streaming operation as part of replication functionality kpu kpuc Read More

ORA-600 Lookup Error Categories (part 1b)

ORA-600 Lookup Error Categories   In the Oracle Server source, there are two types of ora-600 error : à the first parameter is a number which reflects the source component or layer the error is connected with; or at the first parameter is a mnemonic which indicates the source module where the error originated. This type of internal error is now used in preference to an internal error number.   Both types of error may be possible in the Oracle server. Internal Errors Categorised by number range The following table provides an indication of internal error codes used in the Read More

How to solve ORA-00257 archiver error

In order to solve the above error the solutions are (considering database 10g and above.) 1.) Increase the free space where archiver archives the archivelog. The location where archiver archives the log is determined by parameter file pfile or spfile. This can be determined by loging into sqlplus and issuing SQL> show parameter log_archive_dest If archive destination is defined by USE_DB_RECOVERY_FILE_DEST, find the archive destination by : SQL> show parameter db_recovery_file_dest; Find the space used in flash recovery area by : SQL> SELECT * FROM V$RECOVERY_FILE_DEST; It is possibile in case of free space on diskgroup or filesystem to add Read More