Retrive sqldata through shell script

It could be useful get data from DB by a  bash script Linux. Using a shell Bash is possible to create the following query: dir_in=`sqlplus -s $PMS_CONN_STRING <<EOF SET PAGESIZE 0 FEEDBACK OFF VERIFY OFF HEADING OFF ECHO OFF select directory_path FROM all_directories WHERE directory_name = ‘GARBAGE_SFTP_AREA’; exit EOF Analyze this script. The query above, very simple, extracts a path from the system table all_directories where directory name is GARBAGE_SFTP_AREA. At the beginning, dir_in = indicate the variable where we’ll put the result (the value of directory_path field). With the symbol s `COMMAND`  bash execute the command between `  and Read More

How to install APEX 4.2.3

This guide refer to APEX release 4.2.3 and installed on debian like server. First you must download the package of APEX from Oracle site and then unzip the package on your server with command (use “sudo” if you haven’t  right permission for do this and following S.O. commands): # unzip   Move your apex directory, that it created from unzip command, to oracle folder with command: # mv apex <oraclefolder>/apex_app You change directory to apex_app and connect to database with SQLPlus: # sqlplus /nolog SQL> CONNECT SYS AS SYSDBA   You run the installation script of APEX SQL> @apexins.sql Read More