Oracle RAC One Node

Oracle introduced a new option called RAC One Node starting from release Oracle 11g. This option is available with Enterprise Edition only. It provide a cold failover solution for Oracle database. It’s a single instance of Oracle RAC running on one node of the cluster while the second node is in a cold standby mode. If the instance fails then RAC One Node detects it and trie to restart the instance on the same node. The instance is relocated to the second node in case there is a failure or fault in 1st node and the instance cannot be restarted Read More

Oracle 12C: Full Database Caching

This feature is available starting with Oracle Database 12c Release 1 ( When to use it: when you have enough memory to keep all segments in memory when you are limited by I/O system and response time Full database caching can be used to cache the entire database in memory. It should be used when the buffer cache size of the database instance is greater than the entire database size. In Oracle RAC systems this feature can be used when the combined buffer caches of all instances, with some extra space to handle duplicate cached blocks between instances, is greater Read More