TKPROF The TKPROF program converts Oracle trace files into a more readable form. If you have a problem query you can user TKPROF to get more information. The TKProf executable is located in the ORACLE HOME/bin directory. Step: sqlplus schema/password set head off ALTER SESSION SET sql_trace = true; ALTER SESSION SET tracefile_identifier = trace_xxx; run the query to be analyzed ALTER SESSION SET sql_trace = false; cd $ORACLE_HOME/bin tkprof trace_xxx.trc trace_I_query.log EXPLAIN PLAN The EXPLAIN PLAN statement displays execution plans chosen by the Oracle optimizer for SELECT, UPDATE, INSERT, and DELETE statements. A statement’s execution plan is the sequence Read More

Oracle External Table

Whit this feature you can access data in external sources as if it were a table in the database. Prior to release 10g external tables were read-only (9i); from release 10g external tables can also be written too. To use the external tables feature you must have knowledge of the file format and record format of the datafiles on your platform if the ORACLE_LOADER access driver is used and the “source” is in text format. When you create an external table you must specify : o TYPE: ORACLE_LOADER (default). You can run only for loading data and the data must Read More