A KPMG survey on adoption projects.

What is the real level of adoption of Cloud in the public sector? What are the challenges to adopt it? To these questions he sought to answer the study “Exploring the Cloud” by KPMG, dedicated to the government sector, developed on the basis of a survey involving 430 public managers in 10 countries. The study shows how the adoption of Cloud is proceeding more slowly than in the public sector than in the private sector, albeit with a noticeable acceleration in recent months. If in 2011 only 12% of respondents worked in the fields of public administration expenditure on systems Read More

The benefits of Cloud

The Cloud not only allows you to reduce IT costs, but free resources and time that can reasonably be reinvested. This emerges from a study commissioned by Rackspace to research company Vanson Bourne, which involved 1,300 companies located in England and the United States, of which about 300 over a thousand employees, and 1,000 small and medium-sized, in areas as diverse as financial services, retail , IT, manufacturing, professional services, media, logistics, and more. From the research, emerges as the reduction of costs associated with the use of the Cloud, it is not the primary goal of adoption for the Read More

Incremental stats

    Incremental statistics maintenance was introduced in Oracle Database 11g to improve the performance of gathering statistics on large partitioned table. When incremental statistics maintenance is enabled for a partitioned table, oracle accurately generated global level  statistics by aggregating partition level statistics. Incremental statistics maintenance is supposed to yield the same statistics as gathering table statistics from scratch, just faster. This means incremental statistics maintenance needs to gather statistics on any partition that will change the global or table level statistics This testcase focus on different CBO behavior in calculating stats on partitioned tables. Elapsed time is not shown Read More